Name necklace


Price: EUR 430.00

The name necklace is a long time favourite for, but it ows its cult status is Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. She was inseparable from her jewel and turned it into a real classic.

The name necklace is an excellent choice when you want to add a personal touch - it is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or other personal occasion. The contemporary manufacturing methods make it possible to create a very delicate and graceful item.

The price is fixed, regardless of the number of letters.

How to order?

The necklace can be made of yellow, white or rose gold.

We have chosen the best chain for this type of pendant - the so-called Gucci type. The length of the necklace is up to 45 cm. - it allows for perfect positioning of the pendant on your neck.

Every pendant is manufactured manually - so your jewel will be one of a kind!

Send us your inquiry with the name for the pendant and our representative will contact you to discuss all the details.

Standard manufacturing time is 20 days.

*This necklace is only offered through personal inquiries and is excluded from any discounts and sales offfers.

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