I would like to purchase an item which is no longer available. How can I do that? 

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for information about the products on our website – send us an email at sales@eliteprecious.com

The item doesn’t fit – what can be done?

 You can bring the item to one of our stores or you can send it by courier company, in which case you would have to pay for their services.

Before you send your item, please, contacts us at sales@eliteprecious.com or by phone at +359 894 467 641 , as the design of some items allows only resizing within certain limits

How can I find out the purity of my silver or gold piece of jewellery? 

The purity of 585 gold is 58,5% gold and 41,4% alloy, and 925 silver contains 92,5% silver and 7,5% alloy. To confirm the purity, the metal can be tested in the nearest jewellery studio. The 585 stamp on gold items and 925 on silver items are a verification of the authenticity of our jewellery. It serves as a proof that the items are of the respective quality and have undergone all tests required by law.

How should gold and silver jewellery be stored?

In order to preserve the gloss of the jewellery pieces, they have to be stored properly. It is recommended that you use a special polishing cloth, which can be bought at most jewellery stores. Hard materials should be avoided, even paper handkerchiefs can scratch the surface. Polish the items gently with the cloth, do not use your nails. In some stores you can also find special silver cleaning solutions. It is not recommended to sleep with the jewellery on, some pieces do not tolerate this. They might be sensitive to certain detergents too, so gold and silver jewellery requires special care in order to remain glossy and beautiful for many years. 

When will I receive my order? 

Orders from our store are delivered by a courier company in Bulgaria within 72 hours (on business days).

Orders received by noon on a business day are processed immediately and usually arrive on the following day. In case a product needs to be modified (e.g., sizing of a ring or bracelet), delivery time is up to 72 hours.

Orders made on a holiday are processed on the first business day.

For locations with special serving schedule (some villages and smaller towns), please check Speedy´s website for more information.

However, if time is of the essence, do not hesitate to call us to arrange for an express same day shipping.

A jewelry item purchased from you needs repair within its warranty term. What should I do?

If your piece of jewelry needs repair or resizing, we advise you to visit our store at 8 Solunska street in Sofia if possible, so we can take your size precisely or accept the jewelry for repair. You need to bring the jewelry certificate, which grants you free repair within the warranty period.  The repair itself shall be carried out within 3 business days.

If it is not possible to bring the piece to our store, you can send it by courier to Elite Jewellery, 8 Solunska str., Sofia and after the repair we shall send it back to you at your expense.

What does the warranty of your jewellery cover?

Elite Рrecious sells only jewellery with proven origin, accompanied by a certificate, which grants you a 1-year warranty for diamond jewellery, 6 months warranty for all other gold items.

The warranty covers problems due to manufacturing defects and not caused by improper use by the owner. It covers claims such as gemstone mounting, defective clasp, issues related to the processing of the jewel during manufacturing, sizing and respectively does not cover the following cases – mechanical damage such as drop, blow, scratch, second and subsequent resizing.

What packaging does the jewellery arrive in? 

Each item bought from us arrives in a velvet bag and brand package, so you don’t have to worry about an additional gift packaging.

If you would like your gift to look even more elegant, we also offer velvet boxes for an additional price.

How can I order?

The ordering process at eliteprecious.com is similar to the typical process at most online stores. Please, note that in order for your order to be visible for us, you need to finish the process described in How to Order. Only after you complete your order, we will get a notification for it.

If you are not sure whether you have successfully completed your order, please, contact us, so we can confirm that for you.